CBS Sports Network is available to 96 million homes nationwide. The network is available on cable, satellite, and video provider systems including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, Cablevision, Verizon FIOS, and more. Check sports tiers, as well as the digital basic package, for information on how to watch CBS SPORTS NETWORK.

Is CBS Sports Network Available in HD?
Yes. We offer every provider an HD feed, but not all have made it available. We recommend you call your provider to request CBS Sports Network in HD, if they are not offering it to you. Both DIRECTV and Dish Network carry our channel in HD.

How do I get CBS Sports Network?
It is recommended you call your local provider if you are not receiving CBS Sports Network. DIRECTV (channel 221) carries CBS Sports Network in its Choice Extra package while Dish Network (channel 158) carries CBS Sports Network in its Classic Silver 200 package. Many cable operators have placed CBS Sports Network on a sports tier. Your calls do make a difference.

My local provider says you're not offered in my area - why not?
We're doing our best to get launched everywhere. However, there are a few providers with whom we haven't reached an agreement. We are in constant communication and hope for those launches soon. Your calls do make a difference so tell them you want CBS Sports Network.

Where can I view your programming online?
Go to for video, programming schedule and more.

Why do I have to pay extra to get your network?
Many cable operators carry CBS Sports Network in their sports tier, requiring you to pay an additional fee ranging from $2-7 per month. If you feel that is unfair or unreasonable, we suggest you consider reaching out to your provider and requesting that CBS Sports Network be moved from a sports tier to their more widely available basic or digital package.

Do you offer VOD programming?
On occasion you will find some of our programming available free within the VOD line-up. In the past, we've offered NCAA® March Madness® highlights and the Alt Games: College Action Sports Championships on VOD. Please check local listings.

How can I get a tape of a show?
At this moment, we are unable to provide copies of our shows. Please check our online schedule for replays.